Don't help if no one asks for it.
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Don't help if no one asks for it.

Should you help people that don't ask for help?
Don't help if no one asks for it.
Photo by Karim Ben Van / Unsplash

I would say that I am a person that wants to help people grow. I like to watch people grow and progress in something(career, losing weight, etc.). I suppose it's because no one had helped me when I started building a career in IT. I figured out everything on my own. I made many mistakes, failed so many times. However, I have achieved good results. But now, after all these years, I know that I could reach them faster if I had a mentor.

Something in me wants to help those people, the ones who just started. To help them find a path, to help them avoid some common mistakes I made.

But you know what, some people simply don't need it. Sometimes I see some friend of mine or some close friend's friend. I see their problem(I might be wrong tho), I see how they can grow, but they don't need it. Some of them want a magic pill that will give them what they want. They don't want to work towards the goal or quit too early.

Sometimes I make a mistake - trying to help them. So my advice - don't do it. If a person is not asking for help, don't do it even if you feel that you know how to help, it won't work because you can't help someone quit smoking until they decide to quit. It's a simple rule that works with every aspect of our life.

Although I genuinely like to help someone who asks for help. And in most cases, these people achieve the results that they want.