E-Myth Revisited. My thoughts.
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E-Myth Revisited. My thoughts.

E Myth Revisited. Book by Michael Gerber. Every entrepreneur should read it. My thoughts on this book.
E-Myth Revisited. My thoughts.

Are you a software developer or technician who struggle to work on your business? Are you spending most of your time working in the business?

I feel you.

I was in the exact same situation. My typical day started at six am. I woke up, cooked breakfast, and drove to the office. I worked there until the nine pm and then drove back home, day after day after day. I am a technical guy; no one told me how real business works. I had to figure it out on my own.

My daily routine was a mess.

I did not have a clear vision or goal.

You own a job, not a business.

You work in your business but not on your business.

So what should you do? - Read the book.
Spend a few days reading, making notes. Follow the advice from the book and improve your business.


  1. Create a systems/a fucking machine, where your presence is not needed, when your business can run while you spend your time surfing in a Bali.
  2. Your processes should be simple enough. You don't want to be dependent on people but rather on processes.
  3. There are three persons that living in you: Technician, Manager, Entrepreneur. You should give them equal shares in your business.
  4. Create manuals/documentation for every system(process) you have. If you hire a new employee, it should be easy for him to onboard into your processes and do the job in the right way. You want predictability.
  5. If something works better, do it all the time. For example: if  I  write a cold email and "Hey,  {Username}. I hope you are doing fine." message gives me more opening rate and answer rate, than "Hello there." does. Then use it all the time. You want to quantify business actions and find the best ones.