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08 Jan 22

Don't help if no one asks for it.

08 Nov 21

Symfony advanced tutorial. Frontend setup and configuration. Part 3

26 Sep 21

Symfony advanced tutorial. Project set up and configuration. Part Two.

20 Sep 21

Symfony advanced tutorial. Building progress tracker website with Symfony 5 and Vue.js 3. Part One.

25 Dec 20

Set up php-cs-fixer in PHPStorm

14 May 20

How to make an HTTP Request with SSL certificate in Kotlin using a PEM file

23 Apr 20

Symfony tutorial for beginners

11 Mar 20

E-Myth Revisited. My thoughts.

20 Sep 19

How to run an Instagram bot on your local machine.

24 Jul 19

20 side project ideas for a programmer.

11 Jul 19

How to learn a new skill quickly.

15 Jun 19

How to find luck?